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Private and Legal Aid Mediation


Mediation is less confrontational than court. The Ministry of Justice figures suggest it is considerably cheaper too, with the average overall cost of mediation at £553, compared to £7,000 for litigated cases. Most importantly, mediation provides long term solutions for families and especially children.

Mediation gives separating couples the chance to build a framework for their new, separated family, which will see them into the future. Mediation empowers people to sort things out for themselves, within the framework of the law.

Victoria Scott Mediation also offers a bespoke service of intensive one day mediation. This package includes support in filling out forms and providing relevant documentation before mediation, introductory Skype sessions, focussed, intensive one day mediation and completed Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial Disclosure forms provided within 48hrs of the conclusion of mediation.  This is especially popular with clients based overseas. If you would like to find out more about this model please contact Victoria using the links on this website.

Increasingly couples are turning towards mediation. It is faster, less expensive and more consensual. More importantly mediation can lead to sustainable outcomes that more genuinely reflect the needs and wishes of participants and represent a process which is respectful and impartial. Mediation itself is not just about the end agreement but the communication and understanding that it requires can often help separating couples move forward with their lives.

In 1994 mediation users were asked why they had chosen mediation, their responses give a clear indication of areas of practice where mediation can really work:

  • Needing to sort out issues they were unable to deal with by themselves
  • Wanting to work out agreements together without solicitors
  • Wanting to do the best for their children
  • Wanting an amiable divorce and to stay on good terms with each other
  • Needing someone impartial to help them manage discussions
  • Wanting to avoid legal costs
  • Wanting an out-of-court settlement
  • Wanting practical and emotional support throughout the process

(University of Newcastle, Walker, McCarthy and Timms 1994)


After an initial assessment meeting in which the key areas will be identified, couples usually meet together with the mediator in a short series of mediation meetings, usually 4 or 5 sessions of 60-90 minutes (at mediator's discretion) per session.

At the end of the mediation process couples are offered a Memorandum of Understanding (a written indication of what has been agreed during mediation) and an open financial summary. Whilst these documents are not legally binding, couples can take them to Solicitors to form a basis of a legal settlement ,if required.

Victoria Scott Mediation also offers a bespoke service for clients based overseas. This includes online support with form filling and Skype sessions leading up to an intensive one day mediation session with built in legal advice and the provision of final documentation within 48hrs. If you are interested in this service please contact us.


Victoria Scott Mediation works on the key principles of impartiality, confidentiality and accepts that mediation is an entirely voluntary process which requires full disclosure from the participants.


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